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Redtide Deluxe Single

This is definitely for those that like to go that extra step leaving nothing to chance. It’s basically a must for the serious kayak angler.

This trailer meets all the storage requirements needed and more….

Firstly, there are two lockable storage boxes on both sides of the trailer easily fitting your kayak drive system and accessories. Not only will everything have its place, but it will also be safely locked away for peace of mind. Then, store all your fish, fresh bait, food and drinks in the two 40 litre Eskies provided with this model trailer, they are placed in a lockable but very accessible provision.

Rod holders are also placed in two locations; side of trailer so that your gear can be washed, then centre top of the trailer for when they are in transit (rods in pictures are for illustration purposes only and do not come with the trailer) A 55 litre water tank is then placed in the centre with a tap outlet placed at the rear. It’s as easy as connecting the hose and spray nozzle provided to the tap outlet, switching on the pump and away you go; hose down everything, from the kayak, to the drive systems, even your rods, reels and hands.

LED Lights are supplied and fitted around the trailer and inside storage boxes for any low light conditions; including a LED floodlight at the rear which is all powered by a 28ah gel deep cycle rechargeable battery. Provisions for any type of charging are provided inside the lock up box, this provides USB and ciga outlets all protected by a 20a fuse. This is also where the switches are placed for all pumps and lighting.

You can walk your kayak straight onto this trailer, so no heavy lifting required. The trailer floor is lined with acrylic carpet, making maneuverability very easy and also saving your kayak from unwanted abrasions. These trailers can also be customized to personal preference. The scenario in this description has the maximum amount of accessories. Feel free to communicate with us to make your dream set up a reality. Standard items such as jockey wheel, safety chains, spare wheel, safety reflectors and LED lighting are also included.

The wheel guards are also provided with side steps. These are complianced as light trailers having an atm of 750kg. This makes registration a breeze, fill out a light trailer pack which is supplied, and book an appointment with an RTA of your choice and you’re done. The trailer will not need to be sighted.

  • 12months structural warranty (chassis, frame, wheel guards)
  • 3 months warranty on parts (everything other than structural)
  • Dimensions of entire trailer (L x W x H): 4000m x 1640mm x 1400mm
  • Kayak provision dimension (W x H): 1110mm x 530mm
  • Dimensions of flat bed (L x W): 2400mm x 1180mm

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